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About Dover Forest

Dover Forest is a half-century old secondary regrowth forest embedded in the urban matrix of Ulu Pandan, Singapore. Bounded by three roads and a concrete canal, its 33 hectares consist of western and eastern halves separated by a mowed grass lawn. Dover Forest is home to globally and locally endangered species such as the straw-headed bulbul, changeable hawk-eagle, oriental pied hornbill, Pila scutata, Ficus virens, and many more.

The eastern half of Dover Forest (Dover Forest East, 11 hectares) is set to be cleared in late 2022 or early 2023 for public housing. The first of three planned public housing projects, "Ulu Pandan Banks", was launched for application on 23 Nov 2022. The full development of Dover Forest East will take around 10 years, during which time the western half of Dover Forest will be left untouched.

Timeline of events

20 Dec 2020

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) announces that public housing Build-to-Order (BTO) flats will be launched in "Ulu Pandan Estate" (Dover Forest) in 2021, and publishes an environmental baseline study for Dover Forest. The public is called upon to submit their feedback on the baseline study from 20 December 2020 to 16 January 2021.

14 Jan 2021

An online petition is started by Dover resident Sydney Cheong, garnering more than 30,000 signatures within five days.

15 Jan 2021

The Nature Society (Singapore) publishes a proposal for Dover Forest to be conserved as a nature park. This is part of the wider pushback from nature groups and concerned individuals.

1 Feb 2021

In parliament, MP Christopher de Souza unveils a comprehensive alternative for public housing development in Ulu Pandan that will allow for the conservation Dover Forest. HDB's deadline for public feedback on Dover Forest is extended by one month.

1 Mar 2021

HDB's deadline for public feedback on Dover Forest passes.

30 Jul 2021

HDB announces its decision to clear and develop the eastern half of Dover Forest. The western half will be "retained as it is in the medium term".

23 Nov 2022

Launch of public housing project "Ulu Pandan Banks" comprising 1330 flats that will be built on half of Dover Forest East's 11 hectares. HDB announces a further 730 flats launching in Feb 2023, to built on part of the remaining half of Dover Forest East.


Dover Forest East will soon be fenced up and cleared. Its full development will take about a decade, in which time Dover Forest West will be left alone. These ten years will be well used to push for the conservation of Dover Forest West, the last remaining 15 hectares of Dover Forest's original 40. is created and maintained by Chua Chin Tat who has been actively advocating for the conservation of Dover Forest since February 2021. Chin Tat aims to show that Dover Forest brings the wonder of nature to the doorstep of the average citizen by being a small, wild-growing forest that harbours rare biodiversity right next to residential estates and educational institutions in urban Singapore. While Dover Forest's eastern half will soon be lost to development, Chin Tat continues to raise awareness for Dover Forest in the hope that its western half will eventually be conserved. His ongoing work includes exploration, documentation and bringing the public on guided walks in Dover Forest.